The Ultimate Wedding Checklist Every Bride Needs to Follow by Heart

You’ve found the man of your dreams and have decided to spend the rest of your life with him. However, there are many more decisions that you have to take before your D-day to ensure everything goes well as planned. We give you an easy to follow checklist from start to finish to make sure you are relaxed as ever and nothing stops you from having the ‘Perfect Wedding’.

A Year to 6 Months Before

This is the time to plan the big spends- the most important of which is the venue. After finalizing the wedding date, take note of your budget and preferences and proceed according to that. The number of events you want to schedule, head count of such events are some of the things to be kept in mind. The help of a specialized Best Wedding Planner such as Jubilation Events is recommended to take care of every minute detail in this process.

Four Months Before

Now is the time to get things moving. Start sending out invitation cards to your honoured guests. Discuss the theme as well as the preferred cuisine with caterers. Book all your make up personnel such as beautician, henna artist, hair stylist etc. Get your wedding garment stitched up. Decide on Photographers and Videographers as well.

Two to Three Months Before

Finalize the menu and the décor. Go to the registration office to apply for marriage formalities. It is very important that you enrol in a fitness programme and take the help of a dietician. Book accommodation and transportation for your guests.

One Month Before

It is time to focus on yourself now. Start your pre-wedding packages and follow a healthy lifestyle. Zero down on your final wedding look and dress. The Cake and gifts should also be finalized by now. Appoint the priest for your rituals.

One Week Before

Delegate responsibilities to your bridesmaids to ensure you have less things to worry about on D-day. Check once with the caterers, photographers and videographers to avoid any last-minute inconvenience. Give yourself a relaxing spa and massage. You deserve it!

One Day Before

Have all your make up personnel by your side to make your you have the perfect look tomorrow. Sleep for more than 9 hours. Last but not the least- feel relaxed for the big day tomorrow.

The Wedding Day

Eat a good breakfast. The important thing is to keep a smile on your face and enjoy the most memorable day of the life.

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