Bring on the Dhols, Set up the Lights, and Let Hinglish Work Their Magic

The bride looks beautiful and the groom looks handsome, the décor is shimmery and flowers are fragrant but the most unforgettable part of a wedding, important to the event itself, is good food and music. To make a wedding memorable for the public, there is no better way than to celebrate it with dancing and singing. And especially if it’s a big fat Indian wedding then there is no better artist and music band than the Hinglish.

Based in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, this three-man crew of Gunjan Sharma, Kunwar Singh and Rishi J are bound to be the life of the party when they perform. These men are a power house when it comes to rocking any event. They’ll make you sway to the Bollywood beats until your feet give up and you rest to gasp for breath. Their energy is extraordinary and totally pumps up the mood. There is no better artist and the music band than the Hinglish rock stars that tend to create fireworks with their performance.

With absolutely no inhibitions Gunjan, Kunwar and Rishi take charge of the stage and set the feel of the party. If you want to set apart your weddings from others, if you want everybody to remember your weddings from years to come, and if you want the best celebration of your life, then the Hinglish are a perfect go to. The Hinglish Artists and Live Bands have a particular ‘punjabiyon da swag’ with their groovy sunglasses and stylish costumes which lightens the stage and heightens the mood.

Hinglish aim to please and with their outstanding performances over the years have gathered quite a fan following. If you wish for a wedding with a bash, then the Hinglish are the artists and music band for you. They are hip, they are trendy, and they can sing! With their musical talent and outright glamorous attitude Hinglish are a complete entertainment package intended to satisfy its audience. So bring on the dhols, set up the lights, and let the artists work their magic.

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