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Punjabi Bagh

Hinglish the band has become a symbol of music and entertainment in Delhi since a long time. Over the years, we have been getting invitations to perform from different parts of the country including Punjabi Bagh. One of our most preferred locations is Punjabi Bagh. We have gone on to perform in many events in Punjabi Bagh. We believe in pleasing crowds and making events come to life. That has and always will be our priority. Unlike other high-profile bands, which charge unreasonably high amount for their services, we don’t. We identify Punjabi Bagh as a market to make a name for ourselves and thus offer the best rates in India for our events held there.

It’s not just the cost, we offer a host of other advantages too:
• We have our own backup team so there are no hassles for the clients in ensuring our wellbeing.
• We ask for minimum travel and accommodation expenses which is included in the quote itself. Please refrain from any special gifts and services and we do not want to put extra burden on you.
• We have our own vendors in Punjabi Bagh who arrange the set up and lightning for us.
• We understand your tastes and preferences. Thus, we include songs in your language as well, of course remixed in our style!
• We believe in dressing up for the event. Thus, we show up in ethnic clothes to make the event extra special.
• Lastly, customer satisfaction is most important to us. Don’t hesitate to discuss any concerns you have with our team and we will gladly take care of it.

We suggest you book us well in advance so that we can plan everything out just for you. Hope you have the best time of your lives with Hinglish the band.