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Boosters of music are here, who will energize and melts you to groove on their beats. Three indeed artistic singers will make you dance your heart out, go along with Percussionist and Electric Dhol, will make you stay tuned to remix songs, heading with Freestyle International Dancers, Disc Jockey, Video Jockey, will indulge you in the aura of Being Keen On, Sufi Singer will be starting the evening to set the mood. All these together, make a complete and unique package of Exclusive Entertainment!



Our Story

A big, fat Indian wedding has all things bigger than life, from tastefully chosen food to massive venues and extravagant setting, but no such wedding could ever be complete without an extensive, world class musical performance by renowned artists, who add the much needed entertainment factor and raise the excitement level of your big day.

It's Presenting to you ‘Hinglish’, an exclusive musical and entertainment package featuring some of the best music and stage artists of the country who come together to lift yourmoods up to the highest level of celebration. Be prepared to be blown away by three extremely talented performers, Gunjan Sharma, Kunwar Singh, and Rishi J, the latter of whom has a new album ‘Toronto’ receiving various accolades all over the country. We know it’s a dream wedding we’re talking about and dreams always exceed expectations.

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Get Amazing Musical Experience with Live Band in Delhi

Thinking about engaging in live band? I am sure, the first thing that comes in everyone’s mind is the dance,music, drinks, and performance.Well, it’s true;a live performance without music and dance is incomplete.Couples dancing in romantic numbers, kids, teenagers stepping on to their favorite numbers. Conga line being a signature step is enjoyed by all ages. It has been in tradition from ancient times that music and dance playa crucial role in entertainment. With changing time, the types of music and dance have changed. Live bands’s are the top most requirement of every occasion. A good LIVE BAND can make any occasion a memorable one.A wrong LIVE BAND can ruin all your excitement and can turn a big fat function to a mess. Hence,one must definitely take an extra care while selecting the best LIVE BAND for your function.

Be wise in selection

• Ask your friends or family to refer a good LIVE BAND. You can also ask the vendors or the wedding planners working on location to suggest a good one to you. Google, an answer to almost every question to earth can be of great help to you too. Search for Best LIVE BAND’s and if you find anyone suiting your requirements, keep him in your list.

• As having website signifies a status, so every reputed LIVE BAND must have one.Go through it and have a brief idea of their work. You can get all the information there.

• Choosing a fresher or inexperienced LIVE BAND may let you down in front of friends and families. An experienced Live Band in Delhiwill take care of all the songs requests from guests. He will have all the requiredequipment, a team to support and have proper management skills.He can deal with all unexpected surprises too.

• Ask for a discount as bargaining is quite common with them. You may not get many discounts in peak season but a good amount of money can be saved during off seasons.

• You can enjoy delicious food and drinks. Some LIVE BAND's also providing this service. You can ask them to make an economical package including all above.It will cost you cheaper as compared to choosing all services separately. • You can get there previous Ask them to show you the videos and pictures of their previous works. It will give you a brief idea of their work and management.

Keeping in mind the above points, you can get the best LIVE BAND to make everyone enthrall with the beats and make the occasion a memorable one. Artist Gunjan is one of the best and experienced wedding LIVE BAND’s in Delhi. If you want true value for your monay then check Hinglish The Band and check there latest show at https://www.hinglishtheband.com/